Pathways and Patios

In order for a garden to work it must not only be beautiful but also be accessible and useable. With our custom walkways and patios you will be able to access your garden, entranceways, and your patio areas without hesitation.

When designing these areas we consider first off what type of area we are working with. If we are building a pathway we consider whether or not you are looking for a wandering path that you will walk around the garden on or if you are looking for something you will use every day and will have a more direct route.

After this we decide what materials to use for the walkways and patios based on the feel of the garden and use desired by you.

Next the work begins by first planning and then excavating enough material to allow for a 4-6 inch gravel base, one inch of sand, and the thickness of the pavers or flagstone. This will allow for a sturdy walkway or patio which will finish at the appropriate grade with the appropriate drainage. Everything is compacted in stages so nothing will move over the life of the walkways and patios.

We also construct driveways using an 8 inch gravel base and special driveway pavers which can be the same look as the pavers used for walkways and patios.

For materials, patterns, sizes, colours and ideas please visit for concrete products and for natural stone products.

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