Excavation and Disposal

We do not supply excavation service on its own but do require excavation for the majority of our larger jobs. For this we bring in Bob Cat skid steer loaders and mini excavators to do the heavy work. Sometimes a site will be located where machinery is not able to access. In this case we are fully capable of excavating large areas by hand. All of the removed material is put into trucks or disposal bins and taken away to be recycled as fill.

Often trees or hedges have to be removed before we can begin construction on a site. We use a variety of machinery and hand labour techniques for this, always ensuring that we get all of the roots while leaving surrounding trees and property unharmed.

Concrete, asphalt, and old fencing is another thing we need to dispose of often before construction can begin on a site. This is all removed and disposed of in the proper manner, keeping the site safe and tidy throughout the whole process.

Large amounts of plant material are often removed from sites during construction and also from garden clean up. We take all of this debris to the green waste where it is recycled and reused as compost.

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