Fences, Gates, Arbors, Pergolas, and Lattice

If you are looking for privacy, style, grandeur, or relaxation you can add a unique touch to your garden by using wooden structures. We use a wide variety of materials but the most common construction material we use is cedar.

Some of the different items we can build and install include:

  • Cedar fencing. We can custom build or use prefabricated panels. Both of which use premium grade one cedar.
  • Custom arbors. We can build to your specifications or suggest different ideas that would suit the style you are looking for.
  • Custom gates can me made or ordered pre-made to fit different styles. We also order new and purchase used wrought iron gates which add an elegant touch to a new fence.
  • Pergolas can be custom made or purchased pre-made. Used to cover a patio space, allowing vines to grow over the top and shade the sitting area beneath while allowing some light to filter through.
  • Lattice work can be used on any of the above installation to add texture or allow for vines to grow on structures. This can be custom made or purchased pre-made.

For all of our construction we use grade 1 material. Most of our wood and hardware comes from http://www.dickslumber.com/ or http://www.grovecedar.com.

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