Vancouver Garden Design

Make your Garden Exceptional When You Plan With Our Vancouver Garden Design Experts

Eden’s Grove professional Vancouver garden design specialists work closely with you to plan your garden installation based on a number of factors to meet your needs.

  • First of all we meet with you to take a look at the site. At this time we will listen to you and find out what style of garden design you are looking for.
  • We then find out what the practical aspects of the design should be including: pathways, entertaining areas, relaxing areas, storage, and more.
  • Next we will work out what kind of a budget you had in mind and design around this price.
  • After this we start by taking accurate measurements of the site, noting all major aspects that may or may not be included in the final design.
  • Next the design work begins based on the information collected. We will ensure that there has been enough communication before the drawing commences so that the project turns out the way you had planned and minimal changes will have to be made.

After the drawing has been submitted to you we will meet and guide you through everything so you get a full grasp on all of the concepts. At this time the garden design process is complete and you can decide whether or not you would like us to prepare a quote to build the garden installation.

Please browse the rest of the site to see the different pieces included in some of our design and build projects.

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