Garden Installation

Garden installation is one of the creative and enjoyable parts of most projects. It adds such a variety of plant material and features, giving every garden installation a distinct feel. We work with different varieties, sizes, textures, and colours to achieve different garden styles. We also look at the cultural requirements of each plant to make sure that plants will do well in the varying conditions on the site.

  • The first step is to meet with you and decide what you are looking for. At this point we can determine if you need a garden design or if we can work without a full scale design. A lot of clients don’t know what they want and we are happy to lend our expertise and design experience to build a beautiful garden.
  • After this we figure out the cultural requirements and install the correct soil with the correct amendments so that your plants will flourish. We also determine the amount of sun the garden will receive and adjust the plant choices accordingly.
  • After the shapes of the garden beds are constructed and amended we will purchase the plants from a local nursery specializing in ornamental plants and trees. A number of nurseries may be used and all of the product is checked over by our staff before purchase to ensure quality.
  • The next step is to install the plants in their designated places. Plants will be spaced according to the growth over their lifetime so that you will always have a beautiful garden.

After the project is complete you might want to consider hiring a maintenance company to take care of the garden as it is a lot of work and requires regular maintenance through the year to keep everything healthy. There are also a few things you can do yourself to keep everything in check. Please take a look at our weed control and mulching page.

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