Grass and Sod Installation

There are two ways to go about installing a new lawn in the lower main land, Sod and Seed. Each have benefits and vary in use depending on the application.


Sod, turf, and instant grass are just a few names people use to describe sod. It is the most popular form of grass installation as you can use it almost right after installation and does not require so much carful maintenance to establish. The process of installation is exactly the same as seed with exception to the last step which is the rolling out and cutting to size of the sod rather than the distribution of seed.


Seed is used for a number of reasons the first being the price difference. Seed is cheaper and requires less labor than sod. It is also used when the area to be grassed is not required to use immediately as it takes at least two and a half months for the seed to fully establish. Other uses are when the environmental conditions of the site are challenging. A mixed variety of seed will ensure that one or two species of seed survive and flourish.

  • The first step is to clear the area on which the new grass is going to be installed. Removing and rocks, old grass, or plants.
  • The next step will be loosening the existing soil with a rototiller.
  • After that we will bring in new soil and use the rototiller again to evenly mix the subgrade and imported soil as well as amendment.
  • Next we will level and compact gently the till we achieve the final grade.
  • We then either distribute the seed or roll out and cut the sod.

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