Weed Control and Tips

With any landscape new or old there is a certain amount of maintenance is required to keep everything healthy and looking as beautiful as it was designed. With the proper maintenance from the start these things can be dealt with easily and cost effectively. If let to get out of hand it can be very time consuming, expensive, and sometime impossible to get the garden back to its original form. There are a few things that you can do to keep your new landscape installation looking good.

  • Apply mulch in planting areas. This will not only give everything a nice fresh look but will keep moisture in the soil and reduce weeding times significantly.
  • Use a scuffle hoe to remove weeds when they are small and not yet fully rooted. Also helps nutrients work its way into the soil and reduces compaction.
  • Add fertilizer that is appropriate for your plants on a regular basis. Also add lime for plants that prefer less acidic conditions.
  • Mow your new grass every week and never remove more than 1/3 of the total grass blade height. You can also use a mulching mower and leave the trimmings on the grass so you are not removing nutrients.
  • Lime and fertilize your grass in the spring and fall. You could do another light fertilization in the middle of the summer if you would like.
  • Water your garden and grass deeply as required rather than a little bit every day. This encourages deep healthy roots.

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